New Modern Cab

Modern design with added rigidity for safety. Side sills and front under frame close-section construction with tension-resistant steel. Front pillar is unitary construction from cowl to rocker with large gusset for rigidity with cowl. Cab designed with nonlinear analysis to make deformation forecast to enable cab design and to protect the driver and passenger. Galvanized steel panels for great rust and corrosion protection.



Isuzu D-Max

Break away from the ordinary and discover how to experience life to the fullest. ISUZU D-MAX, the ultimate multi-purpose pick-up truck, will enhance your lifestyle in more ways than one. Much like a tri-athlete who can run, swim and bike, the ISUZU D-MAX will enable you to drive through tough roads, load a variety of cargo and tow heavy leisure equipments like speedboat and horse carriers. No matter what activity you have set your mind into, the ISUZU D-MAX will take it to the limit.