About Us

About Us

A.O’C Commercials started in 1980, and was founded on the belief that the customer is the most valuable asset in trucking. This belief became the cornerstone on which A.O’C’s history of excellent customer service would be built.AOC Commercials Cork

The 1980s saw A.O’C thanks to its unrivalled commitment to our growing customer base to evolve and take shape to the company we are today. Major investment in new facilities and equipment helped to begin to set A.O’C apart from the competition. Additionally, the growing staff and facilities enabled us to offer more to our customers as their demands grew.

By the middle of the 1990s, A.O’C had established itself as a premier vocational service provider to the commercial vehicle industry in Munster, thanks in large part to the commitment and effort of a loyal management and staff. This was not only recognised by our customers and peers but also by Europe’s premier truck manufacturer. Scania. By 2000 following further investment we were one of the most well established dealerships in the country and almost 20 years later we are still regarded as highly, A.O’C’s forward-thinking, customer-centric approach paid off.

Today, A.O’C remains the premier service provider for commercial vehicle operators in the south of Ireland. Advances in technology have made the maintaining and repairing commercial vehicles more demanding than ever but we have met the customers’ demands we approach every job in the same manner with 100% effort and commitment to meeting our customers need and it’s in this attention to detail and customers’ needs that have made A.O’C Commercials what it is today: The best in service provision, convenience, reliability and above all customer satisfaction.

At A.O’C We believe that your satisfaction should be guaranteed.